SA Leather Academy (Est 1983)

Training students to world standards

More about our training

The Business course:
 - It runs over 10 days, from 8:00 to 16:30 daily
 - Strictly no training over weekends
 - Maximum 3 delegates per course
 - Training in hand stitching only
 - Training is done in English and/or Afrikaans

Why only hand stitching?
With hand stitching, the stitches cannot run, as in the case of machine stitching. It also allows us to use a 16-strand, rot-free, waxed thread that is seated into the leather to prevent abrasion damage during use. 

Who should attend?
 - Anyone who is passionate about leather
 - Anyone looking for an additional source of income
 - Anyone looking for a new hobby
 - Anyone looking for a holiday with a difference

Note: No previous experience in leather work is required.



Die Akademie se praktiese kursus is die enigste in Suidelike Afrika. Omdat dit ‘n praktiese kursus is, sal dit jou vaardig maak om produkte te ontwerp en te skep van enige skets of foto. Die leerkennis, vaardigheid met al die gereedskap, ontwerp en produk vervaardiging is deel van die kursus. Dus, tydens die kursus maak jy werklike produkte, elkeen so ontwerp om jou vaardig te maak in ‘n reeks tegnieke wat ook op ander produkte van toepassing is. Jy verlaat die kursus met nagenoeg R6 000 se produkte asook R2 800 se gereedskap.